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Description. Engineered to promote engine efficiency, the 2-Stroke 202 Main Bearing is needed for optimal clutch efficiency. Located on either side of the crank, this component assists the movement of the connecting rod and other clutch components. The result is unhalted crank functionality and engine use. So whether your existing bearing is ...

Motorized Bicycle Engine Crank Case Gasket | BikeBerry

Engineered to provide ample compression, the 2-stroke crank case gasket is crucial component to insuring your engine runs optimally. Located between your left and right crankcase bodies, this component sustains engine compression while keeping debris free

How to Repair a Leaking Crankshaft Seal | BlueDevil Products

Yes, the BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is safe and compatible to use with your Honda outboard motor for your leaking crankshaft seal. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions. Thank you!-BDP. Reply. Donald Kappel on January 13, 2017 at 3:41 pm.

Crank & Piston - - Motorized Bicycle ... is the leading importer and authorized distributor of authentic JL Zeda 2 stroke motorized bicycle engine kits in the United States. Browse our shop for the best prices on high quality engines, parts, and accessories.

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May 25, 2009· Motorized Bicycle General Discussion ran49 New Member. Mar 5, 2008 186 1 0 So.In. May 22, 2009 #1 ... May 22, 2009 #1 Well I guess I have a blown crank seal.Engine's been behaving strangely,reving up at idle and running a little jerky at cruising speed.After ruling out most of the usual culprits I began looking for air leaks ...

Symptoms of bad crank seals? | The Dirt Bike, MX & Off ...

Jun 22, 2003· Just changed my right seal..On a Yamaha the clutch basket drive gear would appear to throw a stream of oil right at the seal while running.It would be easy for the motor to suck the oil in. I rode about 10-15 laps and a few starts at a practice track. It lost 150cc (put in 650cc and measured only 500cc coming out after the ride) oil in that short time, so I decided to replace it.

: 66cc/80cc Bottom Crank Case Body: Automotive

The 66cc/80cc Bottom Crank Case Body replaces the crankcase for your Flying Horse, Grubee GT5, or RAW bicycle engine kit. Installation includes removing various parts from the motor, which will take advanced experience to remove. Note: this is a bare crank case body. There are no seals, gaskets, or parts included with this motor.

How to balance a Crankshaft??? | Motorized Bicycle Engine ...

Nov 17, 2011· 4) Add the total weight of "step 1" to the balance factor figure of "step 3" - 47.4 + 58.025 = 105.425. The required bob weight to balance the crankshaft to a balance factor of 55% will be 105.4 grams. 5) Assemble the crankshaft by lightly pressing the two halves and crankshaft pin in place, only so it will hold together and you can true the ...

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Nov 24, 2015· I teach a motorcycle/powersports technician program at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City, Iowa. These videos are used for review of labs for ...

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All Bike Frames & Wheels For Your Motorized Bi cycle Sort by Featured Best Selling Name: A-Z Name: Z-A Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest $ 19.99 $ 24.99

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Bike Motor Crankshaft Parts See our various Motorized Bike Motor Parts listed here. Unlike other websites and stores we offer various bicycle motor parts and accessories to help you maintain and/or hop up your motorized bicycle. See our various categories of parts: Crankshaft Parts, Magneto Electric Parts, Clutch Parts

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Lazercade 49cc 66cc 80cc Motorized Bicycle Motor Crankcase Crank Case Seals. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $4.74 $ 4. 74. FREE Shipping. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. CDHPOWER 2 Stroke Gas Engine Motor Kit Piston Set of 66cc/80cc - for Short Connecting Rod Crank Assemblies ONLY- 80cc/66cc Gas Motorized Bicycle.

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Jun 14, 2011· The crank shaft oil seal behind the magneto rotor has either popped out or has failed. ... massive wear going piston toast. ordered 1 of each. just swapped in a new motor on my commuter bike. the one with the probs has around 6,000 miles on it. first problems ive had with this kit since i got it. Reply. GearNut Active Member. Joined

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Apr 25, 2013· The seal lips should go toward the inside. The seal will need to be driven in with either a seal driver or a socket that is just a little smaller than the outside diamter of the seal. You must get it started square to the bore before attempting to drive it in. Don't beat it to death, just gently tap the seal all the way down until it seats.


Feb 15, 2017· I show you how to replace the main drive gear with gear puller tool (Also known as small crankshaft bevel gear).PARTS:Gear Pulling Tool -

49cc 66cc 80cc Motorized Bicycle Motor Crankcase Crank ...

49/66/80cc Motorized Bicycle engine crankcase seals. Seal 14.8x27x3.8.

Shark Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit |

Convert your bicycle to a motorized bicycle by adding a 2 stroke engine kit to it. The kit fits best on bikes with 25 to 30mm diameter front down tube and 70 degree Vee type frame like a mountain bike but can be installed on larger diameter tube frames with modifications. "Looks Cool" on the older beach cruiser type coaster brake bikes.

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Checking the main bearing's condition and looking around inside the ignition cover for any signs of crank seal leakage is a fairly good way of keeping on top of routine maintenance in relation to the condition of the bottom end of the dirt bike's motor, as well as the crankcase sealing at the left crank seal.

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Crankshaft Connecting Rod - 4-Stroke Gas Motorized Bicycle. $ 700. Add to wishlist. Gasbike CNC Chain Tensioner. $ 3400. Add to wishlist. Save $ 26. Gasbike CNC Front (1.65" Diameter) & Back (1.25" Diameter) Engine Mount With Rubber Cushion. $ 3900.

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Mar 30, 2011· Motorized Bicycle General Discussion. N. Nougat Active Member. Nov 4, 2009 1,332 2 38 Montgomery, IL. Mar 29, 2011 #1 Got a couple of crank seals from gasbike yesterday, only to discover that the ones they sent are not the ones I need. ... I'm tempted to replace my older bike's crank seal…

Blown Crank Seal? - Honda 2 Stroke - ThumperTalk

Apr 11, 2015· It is always a good idea to install new seals in a motor. Fortunately you can replace them without having to completely disassemble the motor. In regards to your motor blowing the antifreeze, the crank seals are not in contact with any antifreeze. The head gasket or base gasket are the likely points of failure. The head gasket is the most probable.

: UAUS 2pcs Oil seal For 49cc 50cc 66cc 80cc 2 ...

This item UAUS 2pcs Oil seal For 49cc 50cc 66cc 80cc 2 Stroke Engine Motorized Bike All Balls Racing 24-2039 Crank Shaft Seal Kit KIMISS 4Pcs Rubber Oil Seals,Engine Crankshaft Gear Crank Case Oil Seal for most GY6 50cc 139 QMB Scooters ATV Motorcycles

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GASKETS, SEALS, CRANKSHAFT, BOTTOM ENDS, USED PARTS 49cc PISTON KIT, 49cc parts for Motorized Bicycles PARTS for Motorized Bicycles 3 SPROCKETS, 415 Chain PARTS for Motorized Bikes 4,Carburetors,Intake Manifolds,AIR FILTERS CHROME,BLUE, RED

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If you've got a beach cruiser you've been dreaming of turning into a motorized bike, make sure you've got this Wide Crank Set to assure you can pedal your bike when needed. Package Includes: *These are intended to be used on a 26" cruiser style frame. NOTE: Compatible with 9/16 inch pedals. Chrome Wide Crank w/ 44T Sprocket

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May 29, 2012· I did the old plumbing check on them and I got lots of bubbles out the crank seals when I turned over the shaft by hand. As expected the Mag side was like the Lawrence Welk show, the other on the clutch side only blew a few bubbles but the cover diden't seal as good as the mag side, There is even a seal for the wires that sealed pretty good.

Crank seal??? | Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit Forum

Mar 18, 2012· I have Starfire 58cc GenII,with a Blown crank seal. Numbers on seal say 17 x 29 x 3.8, but all I can find on the linked websites is a different seal, measurements 14.8 x 27 x 3.8 so I ordered one from Piston Bikes and it's about a 1/8" smaller in diameter!

Motorized bicycle magneto crank seal replacement - YouTube

Mar 18, 2019· Bike idle high problem and fix

Crank seal leak - Kawasaki 2 Stroke - ThumperTalk

Feb 22, 2020· Whenever I was putting motor together the stator side case has hair line crack about where the seal goes but not close to what holds the bearing. The crack does not go all the way through the case but there is a crack there. Me being the first motor I ever put together in a hurry just put all new parts and hoped for the best.

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PARTS for Motorized Bikes 2,40mm Cylinder,Slant Heads,Piston, Rings,Gaskets. Cylinder Heads, Motor Side Covers; GASKETS, SEALS, CRANKSHAFT, BOTTOM ENDS, USED PARTS 49cc PISTON KIT, 49cc parts for Motorized Bicycles; PARTS for Motorized Bicycles 3 SPROCKETS, 415 Chain; PARTS for Motorized Bikes 4,Carburetors,Intake Manifolds,AIR FILTERS CHROME ...

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Motorized Bicycle crankshaft Parts. The widest selection of crankshaft parts in Canada for your 80CC, 66CC, 49CC Bicycle Engine. We offer a full line of parts in stock and ready to ship.

Replace Yamaha 2 stroke crank seals - Chin on the Tank ...

Sep 17, 2014· On 2 stroke dirt bikes, there is a rubber seal on either side of the crankshaft. Over time these dry out. The seal on the magneto side (left side) prevents air from getting into the combustion chamber. If the seal on this side goes bad, you'll get air leaks. Your idle will hang and/or the bike will rev erratic randomly.

49cc 66cc 80cc Motorized Bicycle Motor Crankcase Crank ...

For Motorized Bike. We will help you to resolve the problem.

How to Remove and Install a Crank | Park Tool

One-piece cranks are found on some older Schwinn® bicycles, many children's and BMX bikes, and on many department store-type bikes. One piece of steel forms the crank arms and goes from the pedal, through the bottom bracket, to the other pedal. This crank also acts as the bottom bracket bearing axle. Crank Removal and Installation: One-Piece

How to Replace Crank Seals on a 2-Stroke Engine – CrankFix

Replacing the Crank Seals on a 2 Stroke Engine. On a 2 stroke dirt bike, the seals on each side serve different functions and involve slightly different processes. The seal on the magneto/left side keeps air from getting into the combustion chamber, while the seal on the clutch/right side keeps crankcase oil from getting into the combustion ...

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May 29, 2012· 3,516. May 26, 2012. #2. The mixed fuel from the carb goes in to the crankcase before it gets sucked up into the cylinder, if you have a bad seal you will get an air leak and yep, that will bog you down because it's too lean. You might be able to compensate by enriching the fuel/air mixture with the barrel needle (pacman clip lower on the pin ...

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Crank Case Seals,Gordan 49cc 66cc 80cc Motorized Bicycle Motor Crankcase Crank Case Seals H SL14 3.4 out of 5 stars 2. $10.99. Next. Customers also viewed these products. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your ...