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Asphalt is produced in a plant that heats, dries and mixes aggregate, bitumen and sand into a composite mix. It is then applied through a paving machine on site as a solid material at a nominated or required thickness, relative to the end use. Asphalt results in a smoother and more durable asphalt road surface than a bitumen-sealed road.

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Sun LabTek Equipments (I) Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing, supplying, exporting and providing solutions to quality testing laboratory equipment, specially in Civil engineering building and construction materials testing lab, Bitumen and asphalt Testing lab Equipments and machines, highway engineering lab equipment or Transportation Engineering Lab Equipment, Soil testing Lab equipment and machines ...


Fig. 12.5 – 25 mm fillets along parapet wall for bitumen and PVC membrane. • Along edges, upstands, and vent pipe penetrations, the bitumen membrane is normally extended at least 150 mm above the finished roof level and doubly wrapped with appropriate overlapping at corners. It …

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Overview. The bituminous mix design aims to determine the proportion of bitumen, filler, fine aggregates, and coarse aggregates to produce a mix which is workable, strong, durable and economical. The requirements of the mix design and the two major stages of the mix design, i.e dry mix design and wet mix design will be discussed.

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Bitumen Trustee supplier of Bitumen 60/70, 80/100,40/50,Asphalt and Sulphur Base in UAE, Dubai. TT & LC payments . Direct & whatsapp number: +971 523717966…

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A range of wires cater to the needs of market segments in Nepal and we are thriving to grow. Our wires and nails produce 4.75mm & 7mm Eco-bar of high tensile strength and bonding capacity, which is required in the construction industries. HB wires of 6mm size are also available followed by 20 gauge and 22 gauge binding wires.

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3-78 SBS Modified Bitumen Specifications 4.2 These specifications are denoted by an "N" or an "L" as the third character in the specification designation (e.g., 3CND, 3CLG).See the "Roof Finder Index" in this section for further information.


Requirement of Labour in average working conditions are mention for each activity. Approved daily wages applicable to work site for corresponding item shall be used to find cost of Labour component. B. Material: Requirement of material in average working conditions are mention for …

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Information for visa applicants regarding COVID-19: We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to reopen our full visa operations and facilitate travel between the United States and Nepal in a manner that is safe for both our applicants and our staff.

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Sep 09, 2021· Bitumen 80100 (Road Grade) We are supply based componey based in kathmandu nepal. We have a requirement of bitumen 80x100 for black top on road. required quantity 500 MT. Please provide us following details. 1. Price in US $ FOB C N F calcutta port. 2. Earliest shipment time.( shipment with in November) 3. country of origin. 4.

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Mar 23, 2017· Road Structure Cross Section is composed of the following components: Surface/Wearing Course. Base Course. Sub Base. Sub Grade. 1. Surface/Wearing Course in pavement cross section: The top layers of pavement which is in direct contact with the wheel of the vehicle. Usually constructed of material in which bitumen is used as binder materials.

Bitumen shortage hits blacktopping of roads across the country

Jun 25, 2019· Although Nepal Bitumen and Barrel, a domestic company, is also an important player in domestic bitumen market, the country imports to meet much of its bitumen needs. Of late, imports of bitumen have come down after the Customs Office, Birgunj halted three consignments of bitumen from entering the country about one and a half weeks ago ...

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Waterproofing Membrane Nepal Features. The great and popular isogam specifications of Nepal are the burden and thickness of the isogam. The excessive quality isogam has the preferred weight and thickness, 2 layers of tisho and polyester, bitumen with the softness of 2 to three and a standard aluminum layer. The bitumen or raw material of isogam ...

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Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a sticky, black, highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. It may be found in natural deposits or may be a refined product, and is classed as a pitch. We are the leading provider of Bitumen in Nepal.


1 section general page no. 101 introduction 1-2 102 definition 1-2 103 scope of work 1-3 104 accomodation of traffic 1-4 105 publicly and privately owned services 1-7

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Bitumen 6070 Buyer from Nepal. Contact Now. Bitumen 6070, Bitumen 80100 Construction & Real Estate, Bitumen. Buying Products: Bitumen 6070, Bitumen 80100.

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No: AT-232-1 NAME: Standard Tar Viscometer Quality Standard: As Per IS 1206 Standard Tar Viscometer used for determining the viscosity of cutback bitumen and road oil. The viscometer consists of a chrome plated copper bath, with a drain valve and a central tube to receive the test cup and to position the stirrer, and is mounted on a stand with leveling feet.

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Dec 20, 2018· Prime Coat. The layer between Asphalt Course and Crushed Aggregate Base Course (CABC) is called Prime Coat. Its purpose is to bind the loose aggregates of CABC so that it can be prepared for subsequent construction activity of laying Asphalt layer.

Which type of bitumen is used for road construction in Nepal?

Answer: No idea about Nepal, but the fallowing information culled out from Google may be of some help. Bitumen is exclusively used as a binder in road construction and maintenance. NBBUL imports as per NS specified Viscosity Grade (VG) bitumen directly from the refineries in bulk and refills int...

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Call +91-8048078773. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Makfelt Hessian Based Bitumen Felt Is1322 Isi Marked ₹ 1,900/ Roll. Get Quote. Bitumen Plastic Felts (app Membranes) ₹ 1,600/ Roll. Get Quote. Silver Bitumen Roofing Felt, Waterproofing. ₹ 55/ Square Meter Get Latest Price.

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Guide to Importing. Nepal has an open and transparent import regime. The import-related rules and regulations are governed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies (MoICS) and its various entities, along with the Department of Customs under the Ministry of Finance. Rules related to import. Except for prohibited and quantitatively ...

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For restrictions that apply to vaccinated visitors, please check the official guidelines from Nepal for the types of accepted and permitted COVID-19 vaccinations, requirements on proof of vaccination certificates, vaccination validity period, and persons and/or …

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Nepal Bitumen and Barrel Udyog Ltd., which has its head office in the in Krishna Galli, Pulchowk Lalitpur and its Bitumen plant at Amlekhgunj, Bara Nepal and meet the ever increasing demand for Bitumen and Specialty products that includes Bitumen Emulsions, of different grades, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen-CRMB, Polyme Modified Bitumen-PMB to the entire Nepal.

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Answer (1 of 3): Approx RS 6.5 lac is required for bitumen to construct a 3.75 M wide road.

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Cutback Bitumen MC-30General information of cutback bitumen MC-30. In many places, cutback asphalt use is restricted to patching materials for use in cold weather cutback MC-30 is medium curing (MC) cut-back asphalt consisting of penetration grade asphalt cement and diluent or cutter of medium volatility.The diluent temporarily reduces the viscosity of the asphalt cement for ease of handling ...

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Sep 09, 2021· Bitumen 80100 (Road grade) We are supply based componey based in kathmandu nepal. We have a requirement of bitumen 80x100 for black top on road. required quantity 500 MT. Please provide us following details. 1. Price in US $ FOB C N F calcutta port. 2. Earliest shipment time.( shipment with in November) 3. country of origin. 4.

Various Lab Tests on Bitumen for Pavement Construction

The viscosity of bitumen is expressed in seconds is the time required for the 50 ml bitumen sample to pass through the orifice of a cup, under standard conditions of test and at specified temperature. 9. Water Content Test on Bitumen.

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Cationic bitumen emulsions have become more popular today because of their superior qualities over traditional bitumen. Bitumen emulsions are produced as per Nepal Standard (NS) 207-2046 conforming to IS 8887-78, BS 434-1984 and ASTMD 244-83 by processing prime quality VG10 bitumen, water and high-quality emulsifiers under controlled production ...

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Bitumen - Consumption by other consumers Bitumen - consumption by other manuf., const. and non-fuel min. ind. Bitumen - Consumption by paper, pulp and print Bitumen - Consumption by textile and leather Bitumen - Consumption by transport equipment Bitumen - Energy industries own use Bitumen - Exports Bitumen - Final consumption

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Nepal Bitumen & Barrel. Nepal Bitumen and Barrel Udyog Ltd. (NBBUL) is a Public Limited Company that was established by Nepal Oil Corporation Limited in 1984. The company was taken over by Panchakanya Group in the year 1994 under the government's privatization program. Bitumen is exclusively used as a binder in road construction and maintenance.

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It is desirable to lay AC layer over a bituminous base or binder course. A tack coat of bitumen is applied at 6.0 to 7.5 kg per 10 sq.m area, this quantity may be increased to 7.5 to 10 kg for non-bituminous base. 3. Preparation and placing of Premix The premix is prepared in a hot mix plant of a required capacity with the desired quality control.

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Nepalese citizen meeting the following conditions are eligible to join the Nepal Army: Condition 1: Educational qualification - Having completed Intermediate level or plus 2. Age limit - Must be 18 years, not exceeding 21 years. Condition 2: Educational qualification - Having completed Bachelors level. Age limit - Must be 18 years, not ...

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Aug 15, 2020· Bitumin and quality and standard 0. ... Required fields are marked * Comment. Name * Email * ... Construction Guidelines Nepal Constructions articles Property News. Appartments & commercial buildings in the city. May 10, 2018 Construction Guidelines Nepal Constructions articles.

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May 12, 2018· It produces not only infrastructures required for transportation, communication water supply, power etc., but also buildings and other structures that shelter economic and social activities. Address: GPO Box 5759 Kuleshwor, Kathmandu Nepal Phone: +977 1 4278625 Fax: +977 1 4281007 8. Nepal Construction & Engineering Corporation (NCEC)

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Sep 16, 2021· Bitumen emulsions are a mixture of Bitumen, water and Emulsifiers. They consists of dispersions of minute droplets of bitumen in water. The bitumen content can be varied as per requirements. They are and typically between 35% and 65%.