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Adjustable Multi-Drill Spindle Heads

The adjustable Multi-Drill Spindle Heads quickly drill two, three or four holes at one time on a standard drill press, milling machine, self-feeder drill, etc. Adjustable multi-drill heads are available in ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, Male Jacobs Taper, motor shaft, ASA or "Automotive Shaft" as well as many other spindle …

HEADTec Milling Heads - Precision Spindle Repair & Rebuild

HEADTec was founded in 2007 in Chemnitz, Germany focused on designing and manufacturing the highest precision and quality metal cutting milling heads and spindle. The acquisition of HEADTec provides a very unique and synergistic addition to the existing Setco product line.


angle head, rigidity is optimized while maintaining a compact design. Our angle heads are assembled with high precision, P4 quality spindle bearings that are stabilized for high speeds up to 15,000 rpm and high torques up to 110.634 ft-lbs. The spiral beveled gears …

Multi-Drill Head Options by AutoDrill

Whether it is a three spindle irregular pattern drill that you need or a 300+ spindle head for a custom application, we can help. Fixed pattern multiple spindle drilling heads often have a very compact size, low weight and low overall height compared to similar adjustable heads…

Adjustable Angle Milling Heads - INDUSTRY DEPOT

PRODUCTIVITY NEWS-ADJUSTABLE ANGLE MILLING HEADS . 90 ° CNC Adjustable Angle Head models allow for fixed 90 degree heads with 0-360 degree circular rotation. The ER16 unit is intended for light duty 4,000 rpm CNC operations while the ER25 unit is intended for medium duty CNC operations and the ER32 for heavy duty CNC machining, both to a maximum of 3,500 rpm.

Angle Heads Series BY OMG AMERICA

Angle Heads Series BY OMG AMERICA, An ultimate product that gives a valuable contribution to the productivity increase by reducing the management of the pieces to be machined, necessary condition to compete in the markets all over the world: we are talking about the Angle Heads, to be considered an integrant part of the machine tools range.

Angle Heads for Machining Centers | Platinum Tooling

Angle Heads are equipped with the u-tec® tool changing system, in addition are rotatable through 360° and compatible with industry standard machining centers. Powerful, accurate, and rigid. Applications include milling, drilling, and tapping. Torque rating up to 150 Nm.

OMG USA Adjustable twin mulispindle milling head

The adjustable multispindle heads TSI and TSX series with two parallel or convergent spindles are suitable to mill and to chamfering the gear teeth.Special care has been taken with the spindles bearing layout, because the hard metal tools are also used for …

Milling machine with horizontal and vertical spindles ...

Aug 19, 1999· Aug 19, 1999· Certain machine tools are known to provide a vertical spindle head mounted over the top of a horizontal spindle head and moving vertically with it on a common column. Machines of this type do not provide independent movement of the two spindles. U.S. Pat. No. 4,709,465 illustrates a system for interchanging spindle heads on a milling machine.

Prash Multi Spindle Auto Feed Drilling Tapping SPMs

Mar 20, 2020· Mar 20, 2020· Manufacturer of SPMs, Multi Spindle Heads, Pneumatic Hydraulic Servo Auto Feed Drilling Tapping Heads Pitch Control Tapping Heads, Riveting Machines Follow us +91253 2957045 +9

Milling Head Adapter Attachments - MSC Industrial Supply

Right Angle Milling Head R8 Spindle Taper, Compatible with GS 20 Series Manual Milling Machine, Includes 1 Inch Arbor, Arbor Support for NT40 Spindle, Horizontal Milling Attachment Including Right Angle Head and NT40 in - R8 out. MSC# 09954587 Vectrax (NT40 IN R8 OUT) Backordered.

Heads and Accessories for Milling, Boring and Portal Machines

G.051 Automatic 90° head - For narrow spaces; Output: Collets / ISO / DIN-6358 mill cutter holder: Automatic positioning 360° by machine spindle: Positioning every 1° or 2.5° by Hirth Crown: Diverse lenght options + Info

Multispindle Heads | North Prairie, WI - SOTECH Corporation

3-spindle drill head in operation equals 50% feed, RPM = 15 seconds for 3 holes (50% increase in production) We can supply complete adaptions to most feed units, industrial-type drill presses, and Toolroom milling machines. SOTECH multispindle drilling heads…

Drilling Heads - SPM Module Hydraulic Auto Feed Drilling ...

4 Spindle Multi Drill Adjustable Head is the best choice for jobs, where spacing may change. It quickly drills two, three or four holes at one time on a standard drill press, milling machine, self-feeder drill, etc.

Drill - Mill Tilting Head Medium Size Universal Mill

Drill - Mill Tilting Head Drill - Mill Tilting Head MH 22V MH 22VD Electrical Connection 230V 1ph.50Hz ... play thanks to adjustable spindle nuts. l Sturdy dovetail guide, precision ground and shaved with adjustable wedge rails l EMC filter class B (for domestic use)

PRM Bench Milling/Drilling Machines - Penn Tool Co., Inc

PRM Bench Milling/Drilling Machine, R8 Spindle, 8" x 28" Table Size, 1 HP, 1-Phase, 110/220V Motor - RL80RF40 PRM Steel Cabinet Stand for Milling & Drilling Machines - RL80RFS PRM Powerfeed for Bench Milling/Drilling Machines - RL80RF30BPFT

Advanced Design and State Of The Art Technology!

90º CNC Adjustable Angle Heads . have one positioning axis and are offered in ER16, ER25 and ER32 collet tool-holding systems as well as /ISO/BT 40 taper toolholding system. All Dorian . 90º and Universal CNC Adjustable Angle Heads . are designed for interchangeable spindle taper holders among , ISO, and BT toolholders. This allows